The British have a passion for sailing which is evident by our history and more recently by the quality of the UK boat builders, who are very often world leading brands and offer the very best in 'British Built' quality.

Recent years have seen a leap forwards with new yacht design and the next generation of yachts being built. Interior style for the more discerning clientele, optimum utilisation of space and improved ambience and performance being the most important requirements.

IMP serves all areas of the marine industry including Superyachts, Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Inland and Commercial Boats. With over 30 years experience in this field, our products and knowledge enable our clients to utilise our products enhancing performance and style!

Specific brands selected for the marine sector include:


       NMEA products

Andersen Winches
Stainless steel winches


       Illuninated Yacht Names & Signs


High Performance Yacht Equipment

BCM Illuminazione

Italian Lighting


Energy efficient watermakers

Eudora Soba

Compact washing machine

Marine hardware

Frensch Lighting
Efficient LED and fluorescent lighting

Marine glazing


      Capstans & Windlasses

LED navigation lights

The complete interior shading & soft furnishing solution

Durable and comfortable marine seating and systems

Sailboat hardware

     Solar Technology International

       Innovative solare products

Italian windscreen wiper systems

Tank Tender

Reliable tank gauges


      Marine Cookers

The italian art of decorative wiring devices and home automation

Durable pedestal systems & accessories



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