marine cookers

Techimpex are renowned for developing marine cookers of distinction. Since 1974, Techimpex have been providing ovens for the boating industry and has gained a trustworthy reputation amongst their extensive customer-base.

Manufactured in Italy, near Venezia in the Inox Valley, their world-leading cookers are made from a combination of local supply and expertise. With more than 50,000 Techimpex stoves onboard yachts sailing globally across the oceans and seas, it’s safe to say they are popular amongst sailors as well as distinguished yacht builders producing motor and sailing boats.

The range includes Gimbaling Electric and Gas Cookers with Ovens, Ceramic Electric Hobs, Barbeques, Coffee Makers, and much more. The Techimpex collection fulfils every boat owners desire to create stylish dishes and drinks whilst on the water – Enquire today for your Techimpex products.