outstanding functionality and aesthetics

NOMEN Products came out of NOMEN Design, the Design Studio of Axel Hoppenhaus, founded 1995 in Hamburg Germany. It was established in 2002, and soon after produced the much awarded NOMEN CLEAT. The focus has been on producing distinctive high quality products, with outstanding functionality and aesthetics.

1996Designpreis Schleswig-Holstein – The design award of Northern Germany
1996Prize winner at the British “Sylvania Lynx Energy Saver Design Competition”
1998Federal Product Design Award (The highest German design prize)
1997 and 1998Ranking: Design “Die 100 Besten, Industrie-Design” Verlag Form GmbH
2000Hiswa Award, Amsterdam
2002“Special mentioned” DAME Award, METS Amsterdam, Category: Deck Fittings
2014DAME Award Amsterdam, Category “deck equipment, sails and rigging“

Nomen Cleats

The NOMEN Cleat I ‘the folding mooring cleat’, provides the benefit of a flush and rigid cleat with aesthetic perfection.

The patented folding mechanism is unique to Nomen. The gentle locking of the cleat arms in the two end positions is produced by an elastic ball, located between the two arms. It deforms to respond to tension.

The design benefits are that loose lines cannot get caught during manoeuvring, the danger of injury at sea is reduced, and the cleats are easy to fit on the deck.

In 2016, Nomen launched a stainless steel version of the original NOMEN cleat made from 316L grade stainless steel and a complex grinding and polishing process, to give the surface a handmade high gloss mirror polish.

The NOMEN Cleat II has been designed so that the line can simply be wound around the rigid part of the cleat without having to activate any mechanism. The round rotary end pieces keep the cleat firmly closed. The NOMEN CLIP Cleat is available in stainless steel (polished) or in Aluminium (silver or black anodized). It won the DAME Award (category deck equipment, sails and rigging) in 2013 and the German Design Award in 2018

The NOMEN Cleat III has recently been launched at METs 2022. It is ‘greener – lighter – smarter’. The NOMEN Cleat III is a contemporary further development of the classic NOMEN cleat I, due to the more slender geometry and greener production by less materials input, new optimized single-hand folding mechanism, 30% less product weight and an excellent holding force. Also, the customised positions for the fastener holes can be adapted to those of other brands; switching to Nomen or upgrading from the older model does not require the drilling of new holes.

nomen Fairleads

The design of the NOMEN FAIRLEAD followed the proven design of the NOMEN cleat. 

The NOMEN FAIRLEAD has an elegantly bowed aluminium device inside which two polyamide rollers rotate on stainless steel axles. The closed and technically simple structure ensures that nothing can get caught up in the NOMEN Fairlead and that mooring lines are led securely and expediently from boat to land.

The NOMEN OPEN FAIRLEAD lifts lightly over the deck forming a gentle open-centred aluminium bow. It has two internal polyamide guide pulleys pivoted on stainless steel shafts. In contrast to the closed version, It is not screwed into place from above, instead it has four threaded rods that are pushed through the deck and fastened with nuts from below. The NOMEN OPEN Fairlead has simple elegance and can be used in two ways: where the rope is simply placed in the open central guide for quick and easy mooring; or using the two outer closed guides for secure mooring.

To ensure the overall harmony of the boat and fairlead, the NOMEN Fairlead can be integrated into the toe rail of your boat.

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