sail furling systems

Bamar are Italian manufacturers of cutting-edge Italian sail furling systems. After 25 years, Bamar is renowned for innovation, performance and reliability. Product quality is second-to-none as materials, design and production processes are of the highest standard. The entire production cycle, from design and manufacturing to assembly and final bench tests, are carried out at the headquarters in Forli, Italy.

Bamar furling systems to control mainsails and foresails are available in manual, electric and hydraulic versions; providing high sail furling torque force and speed, synchronisation among movements, easy installation, low maintenance, reduced overall dimensions and weight. The range of use may serve boats from 5m to 80m in length.

The systems to furl non-hoisted sails are available in two different configurations: RLG and CODE – both in manual, electric and hydraulic. This revolutionary convenience allows frequent use of spinnakers due to ease of use, deploy and furl in minutes and increased safety.

IMP are proud to distribute Bamar furling systems which ensure high performance, reliability and great safety on board your sailing yacht.

Bamar Catalogue 2023
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GFM C0 Installation Manual
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GFM C0T-C1-C2-C3 Installation Manual
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