Marine suspension seating

Shockwave is a Canadian company with a global presence, originally founded in 1965. They design and manufacture marine suspension seats for professional and recreational markets. They are committed to continual improvement, rigorous testing, safety standards and innovative shock module design that protects boaters from the shock of wave impact.

Shockwave started in 2001 with the US Coast Guard as its first customer. Shockwave began designing and building marine suspension seats for militaries around the world and the business evolved into providing seats for commercial applications.

IMP chose to distribute the Shockwave brand as it is known around the world for high performance, strength, and a superior suspension product.

Why Suspension Seating?

Take the boat out for a few hours and ask yourself this: Does my body ache? Am I unusually tired? Am I feeling the need to cut my time on the water short? Or maybe you have a past injury that prevents you from taking the boat out altogether!

The point is, if your seat isn’t designed to take abuse then your body will. Travelling at even moderate speeds without seat suspension can cause cumulative back and neck pain/injuries. Wave shock impact can be unforgiving and over a long enough time period, it can leave you debilitated and unable to take the boat out whatsoever. You deserve to be comfortable, and to enjoy every minute on the water!

The Leisure Products

S5 Sentinel

  • Helps prevent back injuries and general body ache
  • Fish/play/guide longer and harder
  • Quick install on any boat

The S5 Sentinel absorbs wave shock and can help prevent high-impact and cumulative injury. It can be installed on any boat, bringing SHOCKWAVE technology to people who want to stay out longer, fish/play harder and keep comfortable. In any conditions, SHOCKWAVE has your back.

The S5 Sentinel is most often found on fishing boats, coastal cruisers, ski/wake boats, guide boats, fisheries boats, whale watching boats, crew boats and yacht tenders. Due to its universal design, the S5 Sentinel can be fitted to almost any boat and any seat.

S5 Jockey Seat

The SHOCKWAVE S5 Jockey Seat offers solid performance in an affordable, lightweight and compact package. Equipped with a FOX Float H2O air sprung shock, it features on-the-fly adjustments for firmness and rebound rate. The seat cushions are made with closed cell foam and heavy-duty black fabric, well suited to recreational RHIB or commercial applications. Designed for comfort and durability in outdoor and saltwater conditions. The S5 Jockey is designed to mount on a seat riser storage box and is ideal for refits.

The Professional Products

Shockwave seats are the professionals choice. Used by many of the world most demanding commercial environments and customers, the commercial range includes Integrated Helm, Crew & Jockey Seats, specialisty seats, ICE consoles and Vessel Impact Motion Monitoring Systems (VIMMS).

Shockwave Marine Suspension Seating
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Shockwave Recreational catalogue
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S5 Jockey Suspension Seat
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