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Structural Glazing


Brand: Gebo
Industry: Marine
  • Modern, smooth design window design;
  • Digital measurement or manufacturing of templates possible;
  • Endless possibilities in design and colour.


Gebo has more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ships’ windows. Today, tens of thousands of commercial and pleasure craft around the world are equipped with Gebo marine windows, doors and windscreen: to the satisfaction of their owners.

All Gebo ships’ windows are completely custom made in the Gebo factory in the Netherlands.

Gebo responds to the increasing demand for structural glazing to create a flush glass surface. This form of glazing is not only contemporary and professional, it is also functional because it is part of the construction.


You can choose to directly bond the glass against the construction or in the grooves made in the hull construction. The glazing is finished with a sealant. Directly bonded against the construction will be the most cost efficient choice. When the glass is glued into a slot, you will have a smooth “flush” result. The glass is fitted after degreasing and applying an adhesive. After this a sealant will be applied to the window. After fitting and drying a sealant will be applied again.


The possibilities with structural glazing are endless when it comes to design and color. It is also possible to choose for single, insulated, heated or safety glass. Gebo provide you the window that is fully compatible to your needs.