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Gebo Thermic Line Windows

Industry: Marine

100% Thermic insulation;
No more condensation inside;
Increased comfort and safety ;
Stronger and waterproof installation thanks to the unique Gebo hard soldering process; Custom made
Improved ventilation and more visibility when maneuvering;
Sleek design;
Easy and fast installation

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Gebo has more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of ships’ windows. Today, tens of thousands of commercial and pleasure craft around the world are equipped with Gebo marine windows, doors and windscreen: to the satisfaction of their owners.


Every boat owner is familiar with the problem of condensation on windows and the consequences of this. On older ships, condensation often leads to mouldy and black wood. Also on modern ships, even when they are provided with  insulating glass, one cannot prevent condensation. Because, even when the glass itself will not quickly condensate, the aluminium frame will still cause considerable moisture, especially at low temperatures.

ISO 12216

The Gebo Thermic Line® marine windows are manu-factured under strict quality standards (ISO 12216) in the Almere-Haven factory in the Netherlands. The window connections for example are not glued but soldered. All windows are made to measure and are carefully tested before delivery. The Gebo Thermic Line windows can be supplied with HR ++ glass or bullet-proof safety glass.

Sliding, half-drop or hinged windows are available for applications where ventilation is needed.


Thanks to thermal insulation between the inner and outer frame of the Gebo Thermic Line® marine windows there is virtually no condensation: visibility is therefore optimal. The perfect insulation not only ensures that the moisture stays outside, but also the heat remains inside.


Because the inner and outer frames are manufactured separately, they can have a different finish RAL colour. The outer frame for example, can be anodised while the inner frame can be coated in a color for a perfect interior finish. The windows can be fitted with tinted glass (available in a standard choice of Bronze, Green or Smoke Grey). The glass can be provided with a sun resistant coating.

Sliding, half-drop or hinged windows are available for applications where ventilation is needed.


Thanks to the successful Gebo Clamp System, moun- ting of Gebo Thermic Line® windows is easy, fast and secure. No drilling is necessary yet water tightness is guaranteed.

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