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SC344m – Multiroom SoundSystem for 4 zones

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Brand: trivum
Product Code: 201015

SC344m – Multiroom SoundSystem for 4 zones

What you need to know about the SC344m

The SC344m is a complete multiroom system for 4 rooms: amplifier, sources, control: all professionally in a 19″ capable housing, in which a large number of connection options are provided in addition to the integrated power supply unit.

  • Enormously flexible thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system.
  • 4 x amplifiers with  each 2×30 watts
  • 4 x streaming clients: Each zone has its own streaming client
  • 4 x DAB+/FM tuner: Each zone has its own DAB+/FM tuner
  • 4 x analog line inputs
  • 4 x analog line outputs
  • 8 x I/O for trigger inputs or switching outputs 
  • 6x USB-C sockets for direct access to sources from other trivum devices. Usable with software V10 (free update)
  • A small OLED display on the front shows the IP address and other information.
  • Music streaming from TuneIn, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Qobuz, Sound-Machine, NAS and Web URLs
  • Free app for iOS and Android or to use via browser
  • Perfectly integrated in KNX
  • Drivers for RTI, URC and Control4 available free of charge
  • The SC344m can be used alone for 4 zones. It can be combined with other trivum SoundSystems for up to 64 zones.
  • Rack-mountable from both sides: just the display at the front, or all connections at the front
  • Built-in power supply
  • Incl. Rack bracket for 19″ mounting


Why the SC344m and not the…

RP341v2: Like the SC344m, the RP341v2 is a 4 zone system with 4 streaming clients. The RP341v2 was developed for control cabinet installation. It is cheaper than the SC344m, but the SC344m has 4 tuners, 4 line inputs, 4 line outputs and the USB-C connections to other SC311m and SC344m devices.

So if you’re happy with one line input and one tuner and don’t need line outputs, then the RP341v2 is perfect. In all other cases, the SC344m is the more flexible and powerful system.


Features of the SC344m

4 streaming clients

Streaming is the number one source of music today. The trivum streaming clients can play all important music formats and enable a wide selection of music sources: Internet Radio (TuneIn), Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, Sound-Machine, NAS, AirPlay, Text2Speech or WebURLs.

4 DAB+/FM tuners

In addition to the streaming client, four DAB+/FM tuners are available. We still add built-in tuners especially for waking up in the morning: Radio reception via DAB+/FM is always guaranteed, regardless of whether the internet is available. This gives you the certainty that music will actually come out of the speakers in the morning.

4 analog line inputs

These universal inputs can be used for e.g. TV, CD player, turntables, computer and many other devices. The connected sources can be heard in the zones served by the SC344m. The music signals are not passed on to other trivum SoundSystems via network.

Audio extender solutions such as the trivum XT:LINE and trivum XR:LINE are ideal for bringing the sound from a distant source, e.g. from the TV, into the technical room. When planning the cabling, a separate CAT 6/7 cable should be provided from the TV to the technical room so that the TV sound can be heard in other rooms (e.g. the garden) via the trivum Multiroom SoundSystem.

4 analog line outputs

Sometimes 2×30 watts of output power are not enough: for example with wall speakers or when large floorstanding speakers are to be used. An external amplifier can then be used via the line output. Or you connect the normal loudspeakers to an amplifier output of the SC344m and the active subwoofer via a line output. In these cases, the built-in DSP helps with a high-pass filter for the normal speakers and a low-pass filter for the subwoofer.

Connection options through USB-C sockets

The 6 USB-C sockets (MDAT and SDAT) are supported with software V10 (free update). Matrix devices, i.e. SC344m and SC311m, can be connected to each other via USB-C cable. 4 stereo sources (streamer, tuner, AUX) can be forwarded digitally from one device to a connected device with no time delay. In the revised setup, it can be determined very precisely which sources should be used where. The Matrix devices can, for example, access TV or microphone signals from other Matrix devices without any delay. The setup supports configuration with colored information about detected cables. There is also a new Connected Spaces feature that acoustically connects multiple zones without the need for grouping.

Operation / Control

Thanks to the intuitive app, the system is very easy to use – both on smartphones and in the web browser or on the trivum TouchPads. Thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system, the trivum SoundSystems are simple and at the same time very flexible. It includes many additional functions that make the SC344m a powerful center in every house.
Check out the operation right now in our Demo area on.

Sound and amplifier performance

The 4 built-in digital stereo power amplifiers, each with 2×30 watts sinus, provide more than enough power for built-in speakers. The wattage specified for the speakers must be well above 30 watts. Because the watt value for the speakers indicates the maximum load on the speaker. If a loudspeaker is specified as 120 watts, this means that it can be operated with a maximum of 120 watts. Normal room volume is below 1 watt. Thus, 30 watts of amplifier power is more than enough power for multi-room built-in speakers.

Built-in speakers are often not perfectly matched. This is due to the type of installation or placement. That’s why every trivum amplifier has a built-in DSP (Digital Sound Processor). Thanks to the DSP, the frequency response can be meticulously adjusted. There are no fewer than 5 parametric equalizers, high and low pass, bass enhancement and of course bass, treble and balance per amplifier. This even makes it possible to equalize invisible flat panel speakers.

KNX Integration

Like all trivum Multiroom SoundSystems, the SC344m is also fully integrated in KNX. Simple KNX buttons can thus control the music in the room. 4 keys are enough! If a KNX visualization is available or planned, it can take over the music control. This is very easy, easy to use and brings real added value in the visualizations such as the GIRA QuadClient, Homeserver or GIRA G1/X1.

In addition to the possibility of controlling the music functions via KNX, each trivum Multiroom system also offers an independent KNX visualization. In addition to music, you can also control light (RGB, RGBW, tunable white), heating, roller shutters, etc. in the trivum app. Simple timers, presets and scenes are also part of the trivum visualization. Take a look at the KNX visualization in our Demo Area at.

Control4, URC or RTI integration

The SC344m can be integrated into the media control of RTI, URC and Control4 systems. The drivers, which are available free of charge, enable the integrator to integrate the completely individual media control. This allows the trivum Multiroom System to be controlled and further automated with the remote controls available from RTI, URC or Control4.

Paging / Text2Speech

The built-in paging function enables various announcements: either by microphone (connected to the line input) or by the Text2Speech function: Any text you enter is converted into speech and then played back as an announcement. Announcements are started by KNX or by actions, can be played in selected or all zones with predefined volumes. If necessary, also with a gong in front of it. The paging can also be used as a doorbell – or at the touch of a button “Kids please come up. Dinner is ready”.

Display of e.g. microphone announcements

Audio signals that are present at the analogue or digital input can be mixed in with the current music (e.g. a streaming service) with a microphone button in the music control. This can be activated per zone in the configuration. This is ideal for commercial use: microphone announcements are easily possible with background music playing.


If there is more than one line input (the SC344m has 4 analogue inputs), the mix function can be used to listen to several players at the same time. The ratio of the line inputs to each other can then be set for each mix preset. A function that is used in conference rooms with multiple microphones.

Background Music

Background Music makes it easy to listen to the same music – without grouping zones. This is ideal for commercial installations with many different areas.
Background music is provided by a dedicated zone and all other zones can use that zone’s music as a source.


Each trivum Multiroom System has the option of defining macros and starting them via an action or a KNX event. A macro is a sequence of macro steps. A step can be a TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT, KNX, Delay or again a trivum action command.

NodeRed / MQTT

To support IoT applications, every trivum multiroom system includes a simple NodeRed and MQTT interface. This allows you to connect the trivum Multiroom System to the whole world of IoT technology.

trivum API

Many functions of the trivum Multiroom System can be addressed via the trivum Developer API. This means that you have full access to the system with simple HTTP requests. You get full zone status information back instantly upon change in XML format. This allows you to integrate the trivum Multiroom System into your own visualization or media control.

Try it now with the live demo

Do you want to check right now whether everything is as described? Then try it out right now with our demo systems that we have at trivum in Stuttgart. It is an SC344v2 SoundSystem running the t3OS V9. It is the same operating system as on an SC344m. Or visit our Demo Area!

  • Operate the WebApp to control music and KNX
  • Configure a real trivum SoundSystem


Weight 3.7 kg
Power (W)

2 x 30W



Product Name




Overall Dimensions

435 mm x 65 mm x 254 mm (WxHxD)


Black lacquered steel sheet



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SC344m – Multiroom SoundSystem for 4 zones Technical Datasheet
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