trivum specialises in the development and production of multi-room audio systems with the added value of KNX integration built-in. For more than 20 years, trivum has been providing smart multi-room audio products that combine innovative design, sophisticated functionality and quality “Made in Germany”.

Streaming included

All trivum amplifiers include audio streaming for the most popular platforms including Spotify, Apple AirPlay, Deezer, Tidal and many more. Simply login to your account via the smart device, PC, Mac or TouchPad.

All in one sound systems

trivum is a multiroom solution for up to 4 rooms, and even more, if you combine several FLEX devices. Easy to install and extremely flexible, thanks to the trivum t3OS operating system.

SoundSystems for the distribution cabinet

trivum REG devices are built incredibly compact and thus fit into an electrical distribution cabinet. In the electrical cabinet everything is together, and there is no further necessary installation point for technology. All devices can be combined thanks to the trivum t3OS for several rooms.

audio extenders

The trivum audio extender devices are professional solutions for transmitting audio signals over long distances using standard network cables.

TouchPad with more comfort

With the trivum TouchPad you have many options; and if the house is KNX controlled, you have all KNX functions on the TouchPad.


With the trivum Apps, the Sound Systems become even more effective and comfortable. Music can be controlled and configured directly from the mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac.