LED navigation lighting

Since the early 2000’s, Lopolight have been designing and manufacturing LED navigation lights based on unique and innovative use of LED technology. Firmly established as a global leader within navigational lighting, Lopolight have created a range which is innovative, beautifully designed and hardwearing.

Their vision is to enhance safety on the ships of the world, by providing the best and safest navigation lights to minimise risk of collision. Improving safety light by light, Lopolight lighting is extremely tough, long-lasting, more power efficient and compact in design compared to standard incandescent products.

These LED navigation lights are the result of years of intense development and are constructed in strict accordance with IMO standards. Manufactured for all types of vessels, including those over 50 metres, they are currently installed on leisure boats, navy craft, fishery and commercial boats, super-yachts and high-tech ocean racing vessels.

IMP are proud to offer Lopolight LED navigation lighting to keep customers safe and offer a solution they can fit and forget.

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SV Nereida

“lIfe is precious, make the most of it”  “A nonstop, unassisted, single-handed sail around the world in aid of RNLI – no shore stops…