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Industry: Automotive, Marine

Smart GPS vessel with NMEA 2000 GPS antenna tracking device, NMEA2000 compatible, IP66

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The new SmartGPS is a NMEA2000 GPS antenna and monitoring device, all in one. Sitting on the NMEA2000 network, the SmartGPS is a compact and economical unit, allowing the remote monitoring of all network devices, offers instant warnings and alerts, while displaying live tracking and historical trip analysis.


  • Live tracking – Know where your boat is. Safety. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Monitor devices – Monitor N2K devices get instant device state.
  • Warnings – Instant warnings and alerts.
  • Economic – SmartGPS with NMEA2000 GPS antenna. All in one.
  • Multiple vessel monitoring.
  • Complete tracking history.
  • Advanced analysis.

Live NMEA2000 data

Available NMEA2000 data:
GPS position • Speed • Course • Engine speed • Fuel consumption • Engine oil pressure • Engine oil temperature • Engine temperature • Fuel pressure • Engine temperature • Depth • Sea temperature • Fuel level • Level of other fluids • Battery voltage • Battery current • Battery housing temperature • Battery capacity.

Complete tracking history

Wondering where the boat was?
What was the consumption like?
What was the lowest depth?
We track and save all the NMEA2000 data into the cloud!


Advanced Analysis

Analyse all NMEA2000 data in detail.


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Smart GPS


Automotive, Marine