Elegant pleated blinds enclosed within a frame perfect for rooflights and windows.

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  • Low profile discreet frame perfect for roof windows
  • Range of plissé and honeycomb fabrics for blackout, privacy and sheer
  • Dual system provides both blackout and privacy for day or night use
  • Ergonomic handle designs for easy operation – fixed or articulated
  • Corded system to support the fabric and allow the blind to be in any position
  • Multiple rail, stack and fabric configurations
  • Hardware available in four colours
  • Ideal for inclined windows and rooflights
  • Cabin light and temperature control
  • Powered options available

Rail and fabric configurations

Dual rails and fabrics configured top & bottom

SEAPLEAT Roof Rail Top & Bottom

Dual rails and fabrics configured top & top

SEAPLEAT Roof Rail Top & Top

Dual rails and fabrics configured bottom & bottom

SEAPLEAT Roof Rail Bottom & Bottom

Discreet low profile frame

SEAPLEAT Roof Frame dimensions
  • Frame width: 32mm
  • Frame depth: 36mm
  • Frame and handle depth: 51mm

Fabric options

Pleat type Light transmission
Plissé Sheer
Plissé Privacy
Plissé Blackout
Honeycomb Sheer
Honeycomb Blackout
Hardware colour options
Seaview Blinds White Seaview Blinds Ivory Seaview Blinds Black Seaview Blinds Graphite
White Ivory Black Graphite


Minimum Width (X)

500mm (Powered), 150mm (Manual)

Maximum Width (X)

1400mm (Powered), 1400mm (Manual)

Minimum Drop (Y)

150mm (Powered), 150mm (Manual)

Maximum Drop (Y)

2500mm (Powered), 2500mm (Manual)

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