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What is the Best Way to Hide Speakers?

Speakers are a great addition to the home, whether it be for streaming music, amplifying film acoustics or creating the perfect atmosphere. Yet, they do not always want to be seen in your home, so what is the best way to hide speakers? Let’s take a look.

How Can I Hide My Speakers?

There are some considerations to make before purchasing your speakers to make sure that they are hidden as much as possible. 

Choose Hidden Speakers

If you’re looking to completely integrate your speakers into your home interior, then choosing hidden speakers from the start is the best decision to make. These have been designed for optimum discretion, without compromising on sound quality, plus the ability to seamlessly fit with any décor.

The JBL Conceal Series is a great example of high-quality invisible speakers. There are no visible components and the surface can be painted over to match your home’s colour scheme. The speakers truly disappear into the room, so they are always heard but not seen.

Choose Smaller Speakers

Choosing smaller standalone speakers will not necessarily mean poorer sound quality, however they will offer you more opportunity to hide them. Larger speakers take up a lot more space and can be difficult to camouflage within your home, but smaller ones will offer you many different options for hiding spaces.

Choose in-wall or in-ceiling Speakers

Speakers that are built-in to your walls or ceilings include discretely styled grills covering the main speaker components. These grills can be painted to suit the interior décor to seamless blend into your room. The JBL Architectural Range of speaker have a number of options depending on budget, size, installation type and quality.

How to Hide Speakers in Your Home

If you’ve bought in-wall, in-ceiling hidden speakers, then you won’t have to worry about camouflaging them amongst your interiors – a simple lick of paint will do! Here are some ways to hide speakers in your home for the standalone design.

Utilise Corners in Your Space

Look to the corners of the room for speaker placement as they will be less noticeable here, plus you will benefit from even sound distribution. Rather than just placing them on the floor, surround them with furniture or even provide a stand for the speaker to sit on so it looks less untidy and therefore will easily blend into your décor.

Place Items In Front of the Speakers

A great way to hide your speakers is by putting something in front of them – easy! This could be some artwork, plants or books. If you have any alcoves in your home, this would be a great place for your speaker to reside and an opportunity to hang some sort of textile or decorative piece over it to hide it. This is definitely a more aesthetically pleasing way of keeping your speakers hidden, however remember to choose thin materials so the sound isn’t muffled.

Shelves & Storage Come in Handy

Whether it’s a TV stand, ladder shelving units or freestanding cabinets, utilise your shelves and storage to disguise your speakers. With other décor surrounding this furniture, the standalone speakers can hide amongst the vases, lamps or candles.

Closeable cabinets are one of the better options as this will completely hide the speakers, however it’s a good idea to use cabinets with doors made with a woven material or grid-like wood panel to let the sound travel easier.

Overall, the best way to hide speakers is to buy hidden, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers from the get-go and integrate them into your home. All you have to think about then is the placement of them, but you can find all that information in our blog article here.

Take a look at our wide range of JBL speakers today or get in touch with us to discuss your speaker requirements.