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A Guide to Choosing Invisible Speakers

Invisible speakers are a great choice for those that don’t have enough counterspace for a speaker or radio – or just don’t want one! – and those that prefer the more streamlined aesthetic.

Being integrated into your home means these kinds of speakers are entirely hidden from view whilst providing high quality performance. Stream your favourite playlist, listen to podcasts or an audiobook, blast the radio; whatever you want to listen to, invisible speakers are the ideal audio solution.

If you’re thinking about purchasing some invisible in-wall or ceiling speakers, here are some considerations before you make your decision.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Invisible Speakers

Room Placement

Whether you’re planning on putting them in just one room or multiple rooms, make sure you decide where and why you want them before you start looking. Offices, bedrooms and dining rooms are slightly smaller rooms and have a different purpose for invisible speakers when compared to larger rooms like living rooms and open plan kitchen/diners.

Speaker Size

There is no right or wrong answer about what size speaker to purchase as you can mix and match different sizes as much as you wish. Here are some guidelines though to help you decide which size would be best for you.

Size of speaker will depend on the size of the room you will be installing them in and the intended use for this space and the speakers. Smaller speakers will be roughly 4” in diameter and are preferable for smaller rooms where volume isn’t a priority. Maybe you’d like to create a certain calming atmosphere or it’s a private space for individuals to enjoy on their own.

Medium-sized speakers are usually 6” in diameter and are perfect for a wide range of uses. From background music to surround sound, they are still discreet while offering more volume options. If you’re looking for speakers to cut through high noise levels or prefer a wider audio range and bass, 8” speakers are the best choice. Even though these are the bigger option, the beauty of invisible speakers is that they are discreet no matter the size.

Number of Speakers

Invisible speakers normally come in pairs and the number of speakers you need will depend on the size of the room you will be installing them in. The general rule of thumb is that for rooms larger than 3m2 you should use 1 pair of invisible speakers and for rooms larger than 5m2 you should use 2 pairs.

This will ensure the sound is balanced within the room and no matter where you position yourself, the quality will be consistent. If you’re looking to create surround sound for film nights, you may need more in order to create the atmospheric sounds you desire. Our recommendation is to have at least 3 speakers at the front around the screen and 2 at the back facing the screen. For more information about the where to position in-wall speakers, read our blog article here.

Benefits of Choosing Invisible Speakers

  • Truly seamless: Invisible speakers are integrated into walls and ceilings then plastered over and painted, so they become part of the wall. No one would know they were there until they began to play sound.
  • Save space: There’s no need to worry about finding space on the counter, the floor, on a shelf or in a cabinet when it comes to invisible speakers. You’ve got all the space you need in your ceiling or walls – and they won’t get in the way!
  • More focus: With the ability to choose the position of your invisible speakers, you can choose their focal point and where you’d like to enhance the sound. Maybe above a kitchen island or dining room table, the choice is yours.
  • Wireless: Although invisible speakers need wires in order to function, their installation means all wires are hidden away, so there’s no danger of anyone tripping over them, they don’t look messy and kids will always be safe from loose wires.
  • High performance: The design of invisible speakers mean that even though they may be small in size, they make a huge impact in bass and treble.

Invisible Speakers from IMP

Invisible speakers are flexible, versatile and practical for all things sound. Regardless of your needs, we are sure you’ll find the right set of invisible speakers for your home. At IMP, we’re proud of our distribution partnership with JBL which enables us to supply the most advanced invisible loudspeakers that offer great invisibility.

The JBL Conceal Series is super discreet without compromising on sound quality. With an integrated rear enclosure and no visible components, plus a paintable surface that can be custom finished, these speakers fit into your aesthetic seamlessly. Find out more about this series here.

Take a look at our wide range of JBL speakers today or get in touch with us to discuss your invisible speaker requirements.