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Ocean Youth Trust

Ocean Youth Trust South (http://www.oytsouth.org/charity.asp) is a charity which uses Adventure Under Sail as a personal development opportunity for young people, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

When Ocean Youth Trust South bought Prolific, she was in need of a major refit, partly because she was ten years old and partly to adapt her to suit the way the charity works with young people. She needed a lot of new equipment and OYT South’s staff skipper Andy Viney said: “A lot of the kit already on board when we bought Prolific was from Ronstan or Andersen and I was very impressed by the quality, so when I was looking for new gear, IMP was the obvious place to go. It was the first time I had dealt with the company and I found that the service was great – it’s an excellent company to work with and they were able to supply superb products. We are incredibly proud of Prolific: she looks fantastic and the Ronstan and Andersen equipment certainly looks impressive on board. But of course as a charity sailing with young people, the single most important thing is that everything should be safe and should allow us to keep things under control. Crew members as young as 12, often with no previous sailing experience, and in some cases with physical or learning difficulties, will be using blocks, winches, constrictors, tracks and more. IMP has worked with us to ensure that we have the right equipment to keep Prolific’s voyages as safe as possible. As a charity, of course another priority is to spend our money wisely, and we are very grateful to IMP for looking after us so well on this front. After more than a year in refit, we started running voyages with young people in Prolific and the boat is proving to be all that we hoped and more. We look forward to using this magnificent vessel to help thousands of young people over the coming years to develop the skills to succeed in life. “

See here for a video of Prolific under sail: http://www.oytsouth.org/videos.asp.