2P+E 16A universal outlet


Brand: Vimar
Product Code: 08410

2P+E 16 A 250 V~ SICURY socket outlet, universal, for 2P 2,5 A Europlugs, for 2P and 2P+E 10 A and 16 A Italian standard plugs, for 2P+E 16 A German standard plugs and for 2P 15 A 125 V~ American standard plugs with non-polarized flat blades – 2 special modules. Earth connection is not realized with 16 A 2P+E 250 V~ French standard plug


Weight .05827 kg


Overall Dimensions

5.1 x 4.3 x 5.3 CM


Architecture, Automotive, Marine



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2P+E 16A universal outlet Technical Datasheet
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