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New Vimar Retractable Turrets

Vimar’s new floor mounting retractable turrets are practical and beneficial solutions, especially in the service industry, where the environments often need to be reorganised and multiple services need to be connected beside the electrical distribution (phones, the Internet, data processing, etc.). In offices, meeting rooms, open-plan settings, stores and in general in situations where space restrictions apply, floating or screed floors can be equipped to house an electrical and data distribution network which guarantees greater functionality and versatility for the surroundings.

Specifically, Vimar offers 6 new articles: 4 retractable turrets for installation on floating floors and 2 boxes for installing the turrets on screed floors.  

Available for installing 12 or 20 modules for devices in the Eikon, Arké and Plana wiring series, the new floor mounting retractable turret is made from durable plastic and fitted with a stainless steel or hollow cover to house the floor finish, such as fitted carpet, wood or tile and minimise the visual impact of the turret once fitted. It is also equipped with floor anchor screws and accesses on all sides and on the bottom to connect cables and pipes.

  • V54412 12M retractable turret with hollow cover
  • V54412.01 12M retractable turret with steel cover
  • V54420 20M retractable turret with hollow cover
  • V54420.01 20M retractable turret withsteel cover
  • V54912 12M box for screed
  • V54920 20M box for screed

Thanks to the flush mounting metal box, the turret can be installed in screed floors and the side accesses to the box enable wiring with modern under-floor ducting systems.

Contact the sales team for further details.