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Dalcnet LINE-5CV

Dalcnet have just introduced the LINE-5CV.

LINE-5CV is a 5-channel PWM (Pulse With Modulation) Constant Voltage (CV) LED dimmer, which can be connected to a constant voltage (12 ÷ 48) Vdc SELV power supply and is suitable for driving loads such as Strip LEDs and White, single-colour, Tubeable White, RGB, RGB+W and RGB+TW LED modules at constant voltage and controllable by N.O. (Normally Open) buttons.

LINE-5CV can deliver a maximum output current of 12 A and has the following protections: short-circuit protection on LED outputs, over-power protection, reverse polarity protection, and input fuse protection.

Led dimmer 5CH Constant Voltage Input 12-48Vdc, Output 5x5A (max tot 12A), Command LIGHT APP – 2xN.O. Push Button

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