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MINI Led Dimmer by Dalcnet

Small and compact format for different lighting applications.

Dalcnet MINI Line of Led dimmers: compact dimensions for unmatched power 

Dalcnet MINI devices are single channel constant voltage 12-48Vdc dimmers, available in 3 different models: ANALOG, DALI or CASAMBI.

The aim of Dalcnet is to offer powerful and smart devices in a small and compact size, to match the majority of installation needs and applications.

MINI-1CV (Analog input) and MINI-1CV-DALI (Dali input) are both fully configurable by LighTApp, Dalcnet’s application that allows remote commissioning of several settings and parameters: 

  • min/max light level intensity,
  • local push buttons behaviour,
  • fade time,
  • DALI addressing,
  • power-on level,
  • groups
  • and many more

MINI-1CV-CASAMBI is nowadays a must-have when approaching a Casambi installation: single channel dimmer, 12A output and all the potentiality offered by Casambi App control.

For more information, please contact the Sales team for spec sheets and to discuss.