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Lopolight present the professional Ex Series and new control/ dimming switch.

Professional Ex Series Lights – Explosion Proof Navigation Lights

It is important that your vessel is displaying the correct lights at the correct position demanded by the COLREGS – this enhances safety at sea by lowering the risk for misunderstandings.

The number of vessels with an ATEX/IEC Ex zone is increasing rapidly. Consider the growing fleet of NLG tankers and the associated infrastructure such as tugs, pilot boats and service vessels, or the hun- dreds of vessels in build now using NLG, Methanol, Ammonia, and others – all with ATEX/IEC Ex zones. And then we have all the oil rigs, with their signal lights.


To get the best experience with the 400-22x deck/interior light series you can now get a control and dimming solution for up to 20 lights.

  • The selection switch enables red light for night use, warm white, medium white and cold white for evening/daytime use.
  • The dimming function has stepless dimming from 0 to 100%.
  • The compact size and waterproof properties of the control panel (30 x 50mm) allows for instal- lation anywhere.
  • The power electronics is housed in a separate box and can be placed close to the lights and away from the control panel.

For further details, please contact the Sales team.