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Vimar Roxie: the robust, versatile and sophisticated video entrance panel

As of today, the new Vimar Elvox Roxie video entrance panel with Due Fili Plus technology is on the market. This product brings together robust design, versatility and state-of-the-art technology to offer a safe and smart access control and call management system.

The entrance panel is made with high-quality material, in metallic grey zamak, which lends it a modern styling and an exceptional robust design, IK08 shock resistance and IP54 protection degree weather resistance.

This entrance panel is built to stand the test of time without compromising performance.

It is the ideal choice for installation in small and medium-sized home environments, with the possibility of calling 1, 2 and 4 homes such as one- and two-family homes and four-family compounds or, thanks to the access control function, it can be installed in small accommodation facilities.

Roxie is equipped with a camera delivering clear images and colours with a wide recording angle of up to 130° horizontally and 82° vertically, granting complete coverage for efficient and detailed surveillance.

Since it is just 10 cm wide, it is ideal for confined spaces and thin pillars; audible and optical signalling via LEDS indicate the status of calls, guaranteeing clear and efficient communication.

Roxie is designed for sophisticated management, even remotely.

This function is in fact especially suited to small accommodation facilities such as B&Bs, gyms, unmanned accommodation facilities or those without a reception, where access control can be operated using RFID tags (digital proximity keys), transponder cards or remotely in smart mode with the new View Key App, designed to allow the user to open doors to rooms and communal areas directly from their smartphone and the facility manager to manage access on the part of guests or customers on-line via the View cloud portal.

The new video entrance panel is available for surface mounting with or without rain-proof frame and flush mounting with a dedicated mounting box, adapting to various configurations. It is available as an individual product and in five practical pre-configured kits which ensure quick installation and provide a solution to any domestic setting. The Roxie outdoor station can be programmed using buttons, DIP switches, the SaveProg software, or the View Wireless App designed for easy and straightforward configuration of the various system functions, whether basic (setting the number of call buttons, the camera LED backlighting and 24-hour name plate lighting or with dusk/dawn sensor, etc.) or advanced (setting voice messages, audio level, access control, etc.).

Ideal for refurbishments or when updating existing Due Fili Plus systems, Roxie is a product with an aesthetically simple appearance yet at the cutting edge of technology since it offers a comprehensive and reliable solution in access control.