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Scout SIM extender

Remote SIM card reader

With Scout SIM Extender a more efficient and high-performance planning of the on-board Internet system is possible, thanks to the elimination of radio frequency cables on which the greatest signal losses occur.

The SIM injector must be placed in a position convenient for the user to insert the SIM card and does not require any power cable, the SIM extender is instead positioned directly next to the router, to which it is connected via a dedicated cable and powered by 12V.

Scout SIM Extender is the revolutionary system created by Scout to remotely read the SIM card of the router installed on board. The system consists of two units, unit A (SIM injector) and unit B (SIM extender) which communicate via a standard RJ45 type Ethernet cable up to a maximum distance of 100 meters.

Thanks to Scout SIM Extender it is no longer necessary to access the on-board router to manage the SIM card, this is a particularly useful advantage especially when the router is located in a place that is difficult to reach (for example inside the external dome which also contains the antennas), furthermore thanks to it it’s possible to quickly replace the SIM card when travelling abroad, always using the most suitable SIM card for data consumption and for optimal connectivity.

Suitable for every type of boat, motor, sailing, commercial and superyacht.

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