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New View Key App by Vimar

When hospitality is connected

For unmanned facilities or those without a reception, diffuse dwellings (in other words facilities comprising several houses or buildings close together), bed and breakfasts and small hotels, it is essential to offer simplicity and safety in controlling who manages, accesses or leaves the building. Vimar meets these needs by extending its smart access control line-up and adding the management of virtual credentials via the View cloud and with the support of the new View Key App.

The View Key App is dedicated to the end user, who uses a veritable digital key ring activated in the App to open entrances to rooms and reserved communal areas.

From the View portal, which can be accessed via a browser from any PC, tablet, or smartphone, the accommodation facility manager can create new users, enter how long guests are staying for (check-in, check-out) and send e-mails containing virtual access keys to be activated in the App. The same portal can also be used to manage the validity periods of accesses via physical cards enrolled in the system and also consult the access logs.

After receiving the e-mail invitation, the customer then uses the View Key App to activate their digital key ring clearly and effortlessly. Operation is a breeze: thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, simply approach the reader with your smartphone to activate the door opening in one simple move and consequently activate the utilities. 

This new way of managing accesses offers a host of benefits, both to accommodation facility managers, who thus have the safety and welfare of their guests under control remotely, as well as to customers, who can gain access with their smartphone in a simple, safe and autonomous way.

With the View Key App and the free services provided by the View Cloud, Vimar is offering even more comfort and innovation to accommodation facilities, completing its line-up of smart solutions for connected buildings.

Please contact the sales team for further details or a demo.