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Vimar – Surface mounting Wi-Fi and 4G LTE Smart thermostat

Feel connected all the time

Stylish design, clean-cut, understated silhouettes, reduced thickness and functional ergonomics. This is how we describe the new surface mounting smart thermostat developed on two technologies: with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity, to link up to latest-generation mobile networks.

Manage and programme the temperature

Easy to use thanks to its user-friendly controls, the thermostat comes with a display that is animated by a LED matrix for easy reading even from a distance. Its brightness can be adjusted to three settings to offer maximum visual comfort at all times. Discrete and minimal, the display only provides an indication of the temperature which, thanks to a slight rocking motion of the front, can be easily set by briefly pressing the top or bottom of the thermostat. A light animation brings to life the numbers which indicate the temperature degrees, for a visual indication of whether the system is in central heating or air conditioning mode.

All the information regarding the connection and functional status is provided by the user-friendly icons, which are discretely lit and present on both sides of the thermostat, leaving the front of the device clear. A simple glance is enough to find out the status of the connection to the cloud, to the Wi-Fi network, to find out if the relay is active and therefore whether the environment is reaching the temperature set or to check activation – in the 4G LTE version – of a possible auxiliary output. The multi-function key, situated under the frame on the underside, also grants access to a series of additional functions, such as the choice between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, for instance.

Like all of Vimar’s smart products, the surface mounting smart thermostat is remote controllable via the View App, which can be used both to configure it, thanks to a guided wizard, and also to manage it thanks to simple, straightforward widgets. In addition, with the latest new release of the View App, you can also manage not just several thermostats within the same home, but also several systems, from a single screen. The energy section also gives you greater awareness of the energy demand by providing the system operating time.

Integration with Amazon and Google also guarantees local or remote control by voice, whereas integration with the IFTTT (If This Than That) protocol allows you to create small logics so hundreds of connected devices can interact with one another.