Winch Features


  1. Drive shaft in AISI 329 stainless steel
  2. Self-tailing arm in 316 stainless steel adjustable through 360 degrees (from size 40ST and up)
  3. Low friction curved self-tailing arm
  4. Stainless-steel ball bearings to carry vertical and horizontal loads from the drum (from size 52ST and up). The upper and lower bearings are designed to be maximum distance apart, resulting in increased support for the drum while increasing efficiency
  5. Large-diameter roller bearings to absorb drum loads and increase efficiency
  6. Easy servicing of gears. Captive pawls made from cold-pressed stainless-steel bar AISI 316L, are unbreakable
  7. Upper base plate from aluminium bronze, which is twice as strong as standard bronze and ensures a light, stiff and rugged construction that increases efficiency
  8. The self-tailing system adjusts automatically to suit various rope sizes. Jaws in 316 stainless steel
  9. Lightweight grade 316 stainless-steel drum with Power Rib ensures a superior grip on the sheet without causing excessive wear
  10. Drum surface with Power Rib generates horizontal friction, and a highly polished surface minimizes vertical friction, allowing rope to slide easily up the drum
  11. Lightweight stainless-steel drum combined with an internal construction of aluminium bronze, results in ANDERSEN Winches being of similar weight to aluminium winches but far more durable. Servicing is only required every 2 years under normal use.

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Line Tenders

Line Tenders

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