RGEEL Electric External Mainsail Furler


Product Code: RGEEL

Supplier: Bamar

RGEEL Electric External Mainsail Furler

External electric mainsail furler to be fitted onto the existing mast. It is supplied with a motorization that replaces the classic manual “worm screw” coil drive.

This solution allows you to reef, furl and unfurl the sail by simply pushing a button from the cockpit.

Both the external foils that stow the sail and the internal ones on which the sail furls are the same as the ones used on the manual system.

The motorization has a cylindrical shape and is available for either 12 or 24 Volts installations. Its consumption is extremely low, as we use permanent magnet motors with a high efficiency epicyclical transmission.

Ree ng is guaranteed by the integrated electromagnetic brake. Moreover, the motorization is supplied with a manual emergency clutch to be used with a standard winch handle, should the electric system fail.

If required, we may motorize existing furling devices keeping original furling foils and halyard swivel.

The manual external mainsail kit includes:

  • Sail stowing foils
  • Furling foils and connectors
  • Halyard swivel
  • Terminal Fitting
  • Goose-neck connecting the boom to the mast
  • Electric motorization
  • Screws and rivets
  • Boom modification: track with terminals, screws and fixing plates, cars running on ball bearings
  • 5 m long electric cables        


Sector: Marine

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