Professional Control Panels

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Product Code: PNS.DCS.UCS.UC

Supplier: Speich

Professional Control Panels PNS, DCS, UCS & UC


The system is compose from a small sized soft-touch panet to be installed on the consolle and a cable to connect the panel to electronic box.

To complete the installation it is necessary to connect the electronic box to the line and to the motors.

With PNS control panel it’s possible to drive from 2 up to 5 wiper motors with synchronized movement.

How does it work

From the panel it’s possible to switch on and off all wiper motors. There are available four interval delays, continuous running and the push button to drive washing system.

-          To turn on all wiper motors together, push the ON/OFF ① button: the wiper system starts to work in interval mode.

-          With button ② you can switch on and off the single wiper motor.

-          With button ③, choose the desired working mode: four interval delays and countinuous working are available.

-          The WASH push button ④ switches on the fresh water pump or electro valve to feed water spray nozzles. After releasing the WASH button, the wipers make still strokes before stopping.

Available models

For two wipers                                Mod. PNS02.012 (12V), Mod. PNS02.024 (24V)

For three wipers                              Mod. PNS03.012 (12V), Mod. PNS03.024 (24V)

For four wipers                                Mod. PNS04.012 (12V), Mod. PNS04.024 (24V)

For five wipers                                Mod. PNS05.012 (12V), Mod. PNS05.024 (24V)


The UC control system is available in single version, to pilot one wiper only, or in several custom made versions to pilot from 2 to 48 wipers.The wipers can be switched on in group or singularly and the working mode can be continuous or intermittent. On the control panel it is possible to install the push buttons to switch on the washing system, the heated glasses and any other accessory.

The UCS panel is designer to control 1-2 wipers and upto 3 auxilary devices.


The DCS control system, available for the range of  Professional  motors and Straightline wipers,  provides enhanced management of wipers motor and window auxiliary devices. The flexibility and the modularity of the system support large bridge installations, being tailored on bridge layout and owners requests.

Based on a distributed architecture, the control consists of multiple autonomous units, being part of each wiper motor, which communicate each other through a Controller Area Network. On operator command, each controller not only starts the wiper to run in the selected mode, but superintend to its functionality and interacts with other units to achieve a perfect synchronization of the strokes. The DCS system allows driving wipers independently or subdivided in groups, with the possibility to set for each of them a specific running mode. Auxiliary devices can be common or specific of a group of windows, with the maximum degree of flexibility in their management.

Less cables, less space

The control system is part of the wiper, not a separate box where all motors must be wired. The adoption of a bus scheme for both power and communication lines reduce installation time and the cables to lay.  On large bridge installation, the benefits in terms of cost and space are significant.

Outstanding wiper syncronisation

The microcontroller continuously adjusts the speed of the wiper to perform a smooth synchronization of the wipers both in intermitting and continuous running mode. The synchronization is achieved despite differences in installation (e.g. various wiped areas, blade and arm length) or in the glass friction grade (higher on partially wet windows).

Smart control panel

The system is provided of intuitive softouch control panels to control at a glance all wipers and relevant auxiliary devices. More control panels can be connected to serve the different consoles, and the panel layout can be customized to facilitate wipers position. Washing cycle can be programmed by setting water and air electrovalves opening time. All panels are backlighted with dimming.

Interface with bridge control

The DCS can be fully interfaced with integrated bridge system by a CANbus port. The communication protocol is comformable with SAE J1939 and messages are available for diagnostic functions. It is also possible to interface the system with external switches or PLC by a gateway unit, which makes available digital inputs/outputs.



Sector: Marine

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