Panel Mount Wired Connectors


Product Code: A2K-PMW

Supplier: Actisense

Panel mount wired connectors availble from Actisense allow NMEA 2000 installations through water tight bulkheads (or panels) to be achieved.

Waterproof seals ensure the integrity of the NMEA 2000 connection and the bulkhead/panel.

The female panel mount wired connector can easily replace any of the existing 'drop' glands on the Actisense QNB-1 to create a quick pluggable NMEA 2000 connection option.

Part numbers:

A2K-PMW-F NMEA 2000 micro, rear panel mount wired connector Female

A2K-PMW-M NMEA 2000 micro, rear panel mount wired connector Male

Sector: Marine

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