LED Dimmer 4 Channel


Product Code: 9000/DIM480

Supplier: BCM Illuminazione Srl

DLB1248 PRO Series consists in multi-channel LED dimmer with RGB/sequencer function, which allows to achieve LED light setting by bus command (DMX512+RDM, DALI, MODBUS) or, in case of absence of bus command, by a button (normally open) command, a 0-10V analog signal, a potentiometer (0-5V) or a switch. This devices provide 3 or 4 channels output that allows to drive and control constant voltage or constant current LED lighting in RGB/RGB+W mode. Supply voltage is from 12 to 48V DC. The output can be, depending on the version of the product, voltage (CV) or current (CC). In CV version, the output signal varies on supply voltage range and allows to drive a voltage-controlled load, up to a 15A (3x5A) maximum output value for 3 channels version, and up to a 20A (4x5A) for 4 channels version. In CC version, the device allows to drive a current-controlled load by means of an output current value (3×350/500/700mA) that can be setted-up by internal switches. Light intensity can be adjusted by a DMX512+RDM, DALI, MODBUS bus command, by a simple normally open push button, by a 0-10V analog signal, by a potentiometer (0-5V), or a switch. DALCNET PRO Series devices can be used in master/slave mode, which can also be setted-up by rotary switches. Color brightness, tune and saturation adjustment allow the production of various Tunable White RGB/RGB+W scenes and RGB cycles with different color tune rotation time. Optimized regulation curve and soft fade have been studied so as to ensure the highest visual comfort as possible.

Sector: Automotive

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