GFM Manual Foresail Furler

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Product Code: GFM

Supplier: Bamar

GFM Manual Foresail Furler - “Crociera” – Cruising Genoa Furler

Manual foresail furler available in different sizes, C0, C0T, C1, C2, C3, e C5 (for either 1x19 wire stays from Ø 4 to Ø 14mm, or Rod from -10 to -30). The kit is supplied complete with aluminium furling foils and halyard swivel. It is equipped with link plates that may be cut to measure in order to adapt sail tack height.

The drum rotates on a double Torlon ball bearing race ®, which does not require neither lubrication nor maintenance. The furling drum is hollow inside, thus allowing for the stay to pass through and for the turnbuckle to be housed inside.

The drum is all made in anodized aluminium and s.s. parts are insulated with nylon spacers. It is designed to be easily installed with simple tools, and is supplied with an instruction manual.

Features & Benefits

The foresail furler “Crociera” makes use of all positive characteristics of previous Bamar furling systems. This furling and reefing system is therefore simple and safe to use.

Telescopic Drum
By unscrewing the lock screws, the drum slides to expand or contract on brackets.

Adjustment of Drum’s Height
The drum is supplied with stainless steel link plates that raise it above deck. The link plates are pre-drilled in order to adjust their height and allow for the passage of the anchor.

Stay Length Adjustment
To simplify its installation, the drum may house a turnbuckle to tension the stay.

Easy Installation
Designed to be easily installed with the use of simple tools.

Low Friction
The drum rotates on a double series of Delrin ball bearings that do not require lubrication and need minimal maintenance.

Corrosion Free
The drum is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts are isolated with a nylon film.

Use of the Existing Stay
The system may be installed on the original (existing) stay. You just need to disconnect it from the chain plate.

Halyard Swivel
Made of extruded and anodized aluminum, it rotates on a double series of Delrin ball bearings that do not require lubrication and need minimal maintenance.

Aerodynamic Foils
Made of extruded anodized aluminum alloy, their oval section offers a high aerodynamic performance. The foils are supplied with a double groove.

Splice Pieces
The connection between two foil sections is made through an aluminum connector that is inserted inside the foils creating a perfect alignment of the grooves. The splice pieces are supplied with a safety lock and are fitted with Allen screws that are then sealed.

High Sliding
The half bearings are made of anti-friction material and insulate the connectors from the stay creating extremely low friction when furling or reefing, thus making this system safe and easy to use.

Halyard Retainer
The supplied halyard retainer controls the halyard on top of the mast and insures excellent performance.

Components are made of anodized aluminum type 6061-T6, and stainless steel. In order to have the best mechanical resistance of materials, we use extruded aluminum machined with CNC machines. Aluminum has a high resistance to UV rays. All plastic parts, ball bearings and half bearings are protected inside the mechanisms, thus granting a long life in salty environments with high UV ray concentration.

Wash/rinsing with fresh water is the only maintenance required.


The manual foresail furler “Crociera” kit includes:

· furling drum
· hoisting foil
· middle foils
· terminal foil
· splice pieces
· halyard swivel with shackles
· fixed head (in the C0 version)
· allen screws to lock splice pieces
· halyard retainer block with rivets
· fixed halyard retainer bridge in version C0/C0T
· grease tube
· loctite
· allen key

The drum rotates on adouble ball bearing race.

The halyard swivel rotates on a doubleTorlon ball bearing race®.









C0 455 30 130 25
C0T 455 30 130 25
C1 600 30 178 30
C2 700 38 220 35
C3 790 50 270 40
C4 790 50 270 40


2,60 Kg

3,10 Kg

3,90 Kg

5,20 Kg

7,20 Kg

7,80 Kg

Max sail area (150%)

27 m2

30 m2

45 m2

70 m2

100 m2

135 m2

Bamar Catalogue

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