External Straightline Wiper System


Product Code: PG.EXT

Supplier: Speich

Based on years of experience, the new straightline PG-EXT wiper has been designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of our customers by granting:

  • Comfort to bridge operator by harmonic synchronization of wiper strokes

  • Optimal visibility even in the worse weather (high speed over ISO reccomendation)

  • Increased wiped area (more than 85%)

  • Wipers and auxiliaries operation as single unit or as groups and from different points (e.g. central and wings decks) 

  • External motor to save space inside the bridge

  • Lightweight construction

  • Simplified mounting

  • Simplified and cost saving wiring, by adoption of in-line connections for power and control wires

  • Integrated motor protection that avoids use of fuses or breakers

Technical features:

Stroke (mm) 400 - 2250 900 - 4500
Arm length (mm) 300 - 800 300 - 800
Blade length (mm) 1300 (max) 800 (max)
Voltage 110 - 220VAC

Nominal power (W) 100

Max Power (W) 180

Max speed (m/sec) 1.5

Intervals (sec) 3 - 6 - 9


Sector: Marine

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