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Scout Introduces WiFi + 4G onBoard

14 Aug 19

The WiFi+4G onBoard in a complete all-in-one system that allows Internet connectivity from a nearby WiFi hotspot or cellular network with up to 4G speed, and to share it wirelessly through the built-in hotspot or through Ethernet. The receiver autoswitches between WiFi signal and cellular data to maintain Internet connectivity up to 20 Miles form the coast.

The hotspot allows up to 50 WiFi users simultaneous connections and offers the possibility to assign a private password to restrict the access to unknown users.

The WiFi+4G onBoard can be completely managed wirelessly with a smartphone, tablet or laptop through a web browser interface. No additional cables or drivers are required.

The WiFi+4G onboard includes a professional high-speed router, a 4dB external waterproof 4G antenna, and a high power 10dB external waterproof WiFi antenna. Cables, mounts and connectors to complete the installation to be purchased separately. It requires a data-only SIM card (not included in the package) with possibility of a second SIM card (optional).

The system is highly customizable to match the user requirements, please refer to the system configuration table to find the setup that fits the best.

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