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New Vimar Products for 2021

01 Feb 21



Satin-finish Gold finish for Eikon Exé. The Eikon Exé range of cover plates is extended thanks to a newsatin finish Gold finish, which is available for all modularity designs,i ncluding Vintageand Flat, with the related controls.The new satin-finish Gold finish (articlecode.88) replaces the Antique gold finish (article code .85), which will be discontinued from February2021.

4M modular design for Vintage and Flat. Addition to the catalogue of the 4M modular design for Vintage and Flat with 4 holes in the 6 finishes already in the catalogue.

3M BS and 5M BS modular design for Vintage and Flat. Extension of the modular designs available on Eikon Exé Vintage and Flat with the addition of the BS, 3M BS with 3 holes and 5M BS with 5 holes modular designs, in all six finishes in thecatalogue.

Voltage-free contact Eikon control, also for Flat controls. NO 24 V DC and max 50 mA voltage- free contact control, in Flat version (art. 02686.AX), for completion with buttons art. 22751.0.xx, 22751.1.xx,etc.Itisadevicesuitableforhotelapplicationswiththird-partyRMS.Itisequippedwith four voltage-free contact push buttons for the independent control of loads with other brands of actuators. Art. 02686 in the catalogue is replaced by the new art. 02686.1 with the voltage changing from 12V to 24VDC.

Temperature Control 

Stand-alone dial thermostat with 100-240 VAC power supply, for 2M flush mounting and for use withArké,Plana and Idea cover plates using the dedicated Arké/Idea 3M mounting frame(art.16723). NO 5A voltage-free contact output. It is distinguished by its easy use, user-friendly and minimal user interface featuring a modern design, default hotkeys (ON/OFF, C°/F°, summer/winter, brightness). It is suitable for the cover plates in the Eikon,Arké,Plana,Neve Up wiring series and with the Arké/Idea 3M adaptor for the Idea cover plates, to encourage the logistics of distributors and wholesalers. Available in two variants only.


IoT connected devices

IoT connected dial thermostat 100-240 VAC, for 2M flush mounting and for use with Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea cover plates using the dedicated Arké/Idea 3M mounting frame (art. 16723) and equipped with Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee radio protocol (art. 02973/.B).

It is distinguished by its easy use, user-friendly and minimal interface featuring a modern design, default hotkeys (ON/OFF, C°/F°, summer/winter, brightness).

It can be used in a variety of application scenarios, on VIEW wireless (BLE mesh) to complete the existing smart functions available, with Zigbee hub (Echo Plus/Show) in smart multibrand ecosystem logic (managed via Amazon Alexa App) and as a stand-alone device (programmed via the View App via BLE).

It is suitable for the cover plates in the Eikon, Arké, Plana wiring series and with the Arké/Idea 3M adaptor for the Idea cover plates, to encourage the logistics of distributors and wholesalers. It is available in two colour variants only.



IoT connected battery-operated magnetic contact, equipped with Bluetooth mesh radio protocol (art. 03980).

  • Easy installation, mobile contact position on long side and shortside;
  • Flexibility of use in VIEW wireless BLE mesh systems. It can generate notifications, activate scenariosorsuspendtemperaturecontrol,forinstanceifawindowisopen,bothonVIEWwireless systems as well as stand-alone without a gateway (max 10 magnetic contacts perthermostat);
  • Long-lasting autonomy with alkaline AA battery, of up to 4years;
  • Auxiliary input for integration of an auxiliary wiredsensor;
  • Integration with alarm system, for instance to launch a VIEW wireless scenario which acts on lights/roller shutters in the event of analarm.


The VIEW wireless devices are fitted with the following protocols on-board:

  • Bluetooth mesh (default protocol, already pre-configured), to create a complete VIEW Wireless system,wherebythedevicescooperativelyparticipateintheradiocoverageinthesystem,making several functions possible, including lights and roller shutter control, temperature control, load management and energy and scenariomonitoring;
  • ZigBee (optional protocol, to be enabled with the VIEW App), for control via the Alexa smart speaker, without the need for any furtherconfiguration.


The existing solutions available for Eikon, Arké and Plana are now also available for Idea:connected 2-way switch, connected roller shutter, connected actuator and connected gateway. The rondò and classic surface mounting frames are included, and the buttons for battery-free Bluetooth controls (white and greyfinish).


The product firmware update (via the VIEW wireless App) enables the new anti-blackout function,f or max 4 loads.

The VIEW Wireless system enables the simple configuration and commissioning of the system via APP for smartphone, local and remote supervision of the system via the View APP and control from Alexa, Google and Apple smart speakers. It is also compatible with the IFTTT platform for integrations with third parties.


White connected IoT NFC/RFID landing reader, white connected IoT NFC/RFID Pocket and transponder card. The main characteristics of the new 2M flush mounting devices are the 100-240 VACpowersupply,the wireless communication via BLE,no cables except for the 220V power supply, simple access management and programming thanks to the View Wireless App, crossover relay function (Reader-Pocket) for greater safety, local door opening via card or remotely via ViewApp.

Art xx462 BLE SA landing reader Art xxx467 RFID/BLE pocket.

Art 01817 Transponder card

Without Gateway: maximum 110 devices per system. Each device stores max 200 cards.

With Gateway: maximum 64 devices for each GW installed, log of the last 100 accesses per device (Landing reader or Pocket). Each device stores max 200 cards.


By-me/DALI Gateway

By-me/DALI2 64-channel 16-group actuator (art. 01419.1). An innovative product which allows the management of functions now available in the new DALI2.0 protocol, such as tunable white (TW, alias dynamic white), RGB and RGBW. Compact and contained in size,just 2MDIN.The DALI configuration is integrated in VIEWPro and simplified: no other tools are required for the DALI system. You do not need to create DALI scenarios, because DALI lamps are recognised as By-me Plus resources and can be included in scenarios directly by the enduser.



Tactil thermostats, available in 3 versions, which differ in the icon at the top left indicating the usage mode.

Main characteristics

  • Central display to show the temperature (with steps of 0.5°C/°F), ON/OFF indication, system operating indication.
  • 4 touch points, device ON/OFF, temperature up/down control, fan coil speed control for the FAN version, or programmable button for the STAR version, or DND/MUR for the HOTELversion.
  • Gesture (contact-less) function, vertical to modify the temperature set point, horizontal for °Cà°Fà%RH display.
  • Proximityfunction.
  • Environmental brightness sensor for automatic brightness control of the display andicons.
  • Input for the external temperatureprobe.
  • Programmable multi-functioninput.


The device consists of a monobloc with Tactil 3M black and white coverplate, 2M body and metal support for hooking.


Tab5SUpHands-freeVideoEntryphone(art.40515).Surface-mountingVideoentryphoneforDue Fili Plus system with integrated Wi-Fi for call forwarding to smartphone, with the dedicated Video- Door App (the same App used by the current Tab connected Series of Video Entryphones). The Tab 5S Up has a 5” touch-screen colour LCD display, capacitive keyboard for video door entry functions and intercom calls. The Tab 5S Up protrudes by just 24.5 mm in the external surface mounting installation with the bracket included in the pack (no flush mounting box required). In the semi-flush mounting installation, with flush mounting box art. 40590, the Tab 5S Up protrudes by 13.3 mm. A specific desktop base (art. 40595) is available for installation on flattabletops.

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