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New Ronstan Hardware for 2020

06 Jan 20

To kick start 2020, Ronstan have launched a series of new products to extend and improve the various categories.


The Series 22 Safety Rail Cars add additional functionality to an already industry leading safety system and the New Series 19 Batten Cars extend the range and performance of this popular series. The series 30 lashing block offer increased loads for many control systems and the New Soft Attachment Blocks offer a range of sizes and highest ratio of dynamic load to sheave diameter of any block in the keelboat block range. Many new products for a range of demanding applications, from a brand trusted and loved by many sailors and builders around the world.

Series 19 Batten Cars

Series 19 Batten Cars

Simple and effective
Like the rest of the Series 19 Batten Car range, the new cars feature ball bearings, anodised aluminium bodies and stainless steel fixtures. Simplified machining and standardisation of components, together with the use of acetal ball bearings, has resulted in a very cost effective batten system solution that is ideal for cruising sailors. The batten car includes a new pivoting stainless steel M10 link that suits most sailmakers' standard batten receptacles. 

The new cars are interchangeable with the premium cars in our Series 19 range, already familiar to racing sailors who rely on Ronstan batten systems to deliver reliable performance in the most extreme conditions. They run on the same track, and systems can be completed using a combination of both types of car.

Series 30 Lashing Blocks

Series 30 Lashing Block

Modern high performance and foiling sailboats now experience much higher loads on their control systems. Ronstan's new 30mm HHL Lashing Block is the perfect solution for these applications.

The RF35109HL has a maximum line size of 8mm and is rated to 550kgs (1210lbs) Maximum Working Load and 1650kgs (3630lbs) Breaking Load. The Breaking Load is dependent on the strength of the lashing through the central hub. The hub can also double as a becket take off point.

Such a high load rating is unique for a block of this size. At just 42 grams (1.5oz) its impressive strength-to-weight ratio is a result of clever design and the selection of the right materials, such as glass fibre reinforced nylon cheeks, a high-grade stainless-steel sheave, ball race and balls.

Typical applications include high load vang purchase systems on Moth and Lasers, halyards on 16 and 18ft skiffs; cunninghams, outhauls and backstay purchase systems just to name a few.

Soft Attachement Blocks

SA Block

Designed from the outset to deliver outstanding performance, these blocks achieve the highest ratings for dynamic load vs sheave diameter in our keelboat block range. They are built to perform and built to last. Every SA Block features fully machined, anodised aluminium cheek plates. Sheaves run on duplex stainless steel hubs and incorporate precision composite journal bearings and thrust washers. The soft attachment is a purpose designed Dyneema® SK99 cord shackle with titanium dog bone.

Ultimate dynamic and static load performance
SA Blocks incorporate a full contact, self-lubricating composite journal bearing running on a polished duplex stainless steel hub, to maintain low friction performance under heavy dynamic and static loads. Thrust washers in the same composite material are positioned between the sheave and the cheek plates to handle the high side loads that can be generated when line entry and exit alignment is not ideal. Testing has shown reduced friction and greater durability than ball bearings in this application.

Attach, detach and open
The soft shackle provides a simple means of attachment, secured with the titanium dog bone but easily opened when necessary to detach the block. With the shackle open a gentle rotation of the cheek plates opens the head of the block so it can be fitted to a standing line. To close the block, rotate the cheeks back to the closed position until the spring loaded ball lock secures them in place. No additional external straps or bands required.

Soft shackle with titanium dog bone
Drawing on the expertise of Nodus Factory, many design iterations were tested before finalising specifications of the Dyneema® SK99 cord shackle and titanium dog bone. Proprietary Nodus Factory splicing techniques and fibre surface coating ensure secure load transfer from the block and maximum durability.

Aluminium alloy cheek plates & sheaves
Block cheeks and sheaves are precision machined from high strength aluminium alloy, then anodised for durability and corrosion resistance. The soft attachment through the hub provides a protective buffer between the block and boat surfaces. Retaining guides in soft elastomer ensure that the block remains aligned within the soft shackle.

A multitude of applications
Suited to temporary or permanent line deflection, load carrying and snatch block applications including:

  • 2:1 Main halyards
  • Headsail and spinnaker sheets
  • Mast base halyard deflection
  • Running backstays


Soft attachment blocks are available to purchase from eary February 2020


Removable Padeye

Removable Padeye

Single point anchorage systems have long been used to provide an attachment point for crew when cleaning the hull, superstructure and windows of large motor yachts and other vessels.

With today’s greater awareness of workplace risks, boat builders and surveyors are seeking to ensure a high standard of safety by specifying systems that are purpose designed, tested and standards-approved.

Ronstan supports this approach, which can only improve the safety and security of the persons using these systems in their everyday work, and has developed Single Point Anchorage systems which have been tested and certified by Lloyd’s Register to the relevant European and Australian Standards.


  • Removable screw-in padeye anchorages are certified to the European standard EN795:2012, Type A, as well as the Australian standards AS1891.4.2009 & AS5532:2013.
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel structural anchor base, screw-in anchor device and identification plate.
  • Identification plate features the CE markings and unique serial number.
  • The screw-in anchor device can be removed from the structural anchor base when not in use for safety or maintenance. It should always be locked to the base when in use using the locking screw.




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