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By-me Plus, Automation connected to the Vimar Cloud

26 Feb 20

Home automation By-me Plus

The core of the smart home

By-me Plus is the connected automation system based on a BUS paired cable and distributed logic, for the total control of lights, temperature, sound diffusion, curtains, shutter automation, watering, energetic management, and multi-zone thermoregulation; facilitating comfort and the best efficiency for all buildings.

From now on, it is possible to control spaces from one single point and in the easiest way possible: touchscreens, smartphones, and tablets guarantee integrated and unique user experience. Solutions developed for intuitive and immediate management of all installations, from the ease of lighting control and heating, to more complex scenarios.       



Through the VIEW App and the Vimar Cloud, you are able to connect to your home with updates relating to the exterior and interior of the building. The App integrates a powerful notification machine which is fully customised (graphic backgrounds, homepage with favourites, scenario creation and more) and supports all functions in the system.

Functions can be controlled through smart speakers, programmable electronic controls, flush-mounted touchscreen, smartphones, tablets, and PC.

App VIEW Vimar cloud gestione da remoto con smartphone tablet e pc


Smart home functions

With By-me Plus you can turn your home into a wellness oasis where it is possible to program preferred environment conditions.

The user-friendly technology controls sound reproduction, manages the lighting and commands automation. With By-me Plus it is possible to control your environment smartly and monitor the energy consumption in real-time (even water and gas).

A smart home that takes care of the whole family’s needs.

Lights and scenarios management

It is possible to regulate the lighting output by managing any kind of lamp, be it incandescent, fluorescent, LED and energy saving options. Additionally, it is possible to provide all environments with colourful light effects. Laser-engraved icons indicate the functions and with just one control, you can switch off all lights.

Through the creation of events, the system enables the management of already decided functions at a certain time or in a specific situation.

Eikon Evo Vimar placca domotica gestione luci

Lights and roller shutters automation

The IP platform with By-me Plus gateways enables an easy connection of lights and roller shutter systems based on Plug&Play preconfigured devices. This assures a functional upgrade with minimum installation and cost.

Eikon Exe Vimar placca domotica automazioni luci e tapparelle

Sound system

The Vimar system manages up to four different sound sources and enables different configurations depending on the room: classical music in the living room, the latest hit in the kitchen and the radio in the bedroom.

Every space has its music (even using an iPhone or iPod), with a great sound quality thanks to the superior transmission of the digital signal and high-class loudspeakers.

Arke Vimar placca domotica diffusione sonora

Temperature control

Smart home solutions control room by room the ability to heat up and cool down using elegant thermostats or electronic flush-mounted probes from a single point. Perfect for any kind of thermoregulation system (underfloor heating, with radiators, fan-coil or split system), they allow the optimal management of the climate.

Consequently, energy usage can be reduced thanks to the indicators telling the user they are exceeding the optimal values of consumption, thereby ensuring the most informed eco-friendly energy usage.

Plana Vimar placca domotica gestione temperatura clima

Loads control and energy saving

Smart management of energy produced by a photovoltaic system conveying usage on selected household appliances, thereby reducing network withdrawal.

In case of exceeding the contractual limit, the system automatically switches some loads off, following the setting earlier specified and preventing a blackout.

Video touch screen Vimar domoitca controllo carichi e risparmio energia

Aesthetic coordination

Design to satisfy any style.

Solutions perfectly balanced between continuity and attention to detail. The integration of ultimate design and technology ensures the best personalisation of shapes, material finishes, functions, colours and pictures of the digital world. Eikon, Arké, Plana, Vimar offer a total coordination thanks to the support of three series with chromatic and material versions.

These three styles suit any device, creating a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Vimar placche elettriche Eikon tactil Eikon evo Arke Plana interruttori design

VIEW Pro App: for professionals

Thanks to VIEW Pro App, the installer can program all systems locally or remotely with a tablet or a PC. The Cloud service ensures the maintenance of all devices without working physically on the installation, guaranteeing a service with the highest security and privacy respect.

App VIEW Pro per professionista elettrico Domotica Vimar By-me Plus

Integration with Vimar systems

Security, energy saving, comfort, and control, with the integration of Vimar wired professional systems.

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