Ever since the company was founded by Orlando Miozzo in 1954, Elvox has been one of the key players in the intercom and, subsequently, video door entry system sector. Miozzo was an ambitious and intelligent man who was able to exploit his technical knowledge and expertise to launch his company onto the market with the determination necessary to cope with the transformation and growth typical of the Italian economy of the mid-1950s.

In the 1960s, the boom in production prompted frequent moves and changes of production facilities and the opening of a branch in Milan. The possibility of showcasing its innovative products at major tradeshows enabled Elvox to enter foreign markets.

The 1970s began with new challenges and new opportunities. The first was the creation of the video door entry system (a product that was first developed in Italy and was subsequently distributed all over the world). These were crucial years for the growth of Elvox, which doubled its number of employees and tripled its turnover. As a result, at the beginning of the 1980s the company chose to adopt the corporate structure that would best satisfy its requirements and growth trend and became a joint stock company.

Following further new thoughts regarding  the development of both products and strategic and commercial direction,  the 1990s marked a watershed in the history of Elvox. Already a leader in the video door entry system sector, the company now began to establish a strong position in the field of automation and safety systems. At the end of the decade, the opening of new market opportunities led to a well-researched entry into the world of telephony. The start-up of new business areas such as CCTV and the intensification of investments in research and development has enabled the company to expand its horizons to an even wider range of applications including the integrated management and control of residential, commercial, manufacturing and public spaces by combining its door entry products with a range of domotic controls.

In 2011 Elvox was purchased by Vimar, a leader in the production of electric material and home and building automation systems which has been operating on a global scale for 65 years. This marked the beginning of Vimar Group, a large all-Italian organisation with an extensive product catalogue capable of fulfilling all installation requirements thanks to its complete range of indoor and outdoor solutions.

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