Gebo deck hatches are made from the finest quality seawater-resistant anodised aluminium. The standard smoke-grey acrylic panels are 10 or 15mm in thickness. All other parts including hinges and handles are constructed from non-corrosive materials.


For maximum security, the handles include a sturdy easy to use blue locking button. Gebo offers a choice of flat base or base with flange and trim to accommodate almost any type of headlining and deck head construction. The Gebo design including an underside sealant channel enables 100% waterproof fitting.

The Gebo deck hatches include an integrated stepless hinge which allows the hatch to be open in any position up to 180 degrees. The hatch also has a lockable ventilation position that offers security while providing fresh air. The reinforced adjustable hinge will provide years of maintenance free use and can be easily tensioned depending on use.

The powder coating of the frame is available to any RAL colour and also available are clear or bronze acrylic options.

Hatches should be fitted to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of 1mm.

Standard Hatch

Gebo standard Ocean Hatches are certified for category A+B+C+D area II. They offer 10 standard sizes from 200x 200mm aperture to the largest 1150x 750mm aperture. The standard escape hatch sizes and most popular are 500x 500mm and 500x 370mm.The standard deck hatches are available in flange or non flange versions. The non flange version has a radius of 30 and the flange version a radius or 55 and 30 as an option. The depth of the hatch is 40mm with a smooth profile. The base mounting plate is 38.5mm wide for the flange option and 30.5 for the non flange. It is designed for functionality, durability and safety. The deep deck groove keeps water from coming in whilst the hatch is open. Mosquito screens and liners are available to suit all sizes of hatch.

Flushline Hatches

Designed by Gebo to complement the sleek flowing lines of the modern yacht deck. The Flushline hatch profile is 24mm. There are 9 standard sizes from 275x275mm to 620x 620mm with a radius of 42. The hatch has all the features of the Standard Gebo hatch with stepless opening, locked position, highest quality non corrosive materials with 10mm acrylic on the smaller hatches and 15mm on the 620x 620mm. Stays are an option on the larger hatches. The base mounting plate is 27.5mm wide with a recess depth of 25mm. Certified A+B+C+D. Mosquito screens and liners are available to suit all sizes of hatch.

The Flushline hatch offer more options for power craft and work well together with Gebos flushline portlights.

Flushline Hatches Round and D Shaped

The Round and D shaped Hatches follow the same construction as the Flushline. The profile is 24mm and the width 27.5mm and depth of the base mounting plate at 25mm. There are 3 standard sizes for the Round hatch at aperture 277mm / 420mm and 518mm. The D shaped hatch is 530x 435mm aperture. All are certified category A+B+C+D. Mosquito screens and liners are available to suit all sizes.

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